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Listen to our new song, right in time for the election season.

Check it out on Spotify.

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"Days Of Retrograde Past"

Skies Are Red have just released their new album. Purchase it on Bandcamp here.

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The Propositions - Kayfabe [Booklet]-2.p

Purchase Kayfabe from Bandcamp.
It comes with audio format options, and exclusive liner art designed by our very own Timothy Chua. That's five songs (and a hidden track) and things to see.
Get it here on Bandcamp.

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"Ocean" by The Sunday Cup
Ian's just released his first track as
The Sunday Cup. It's pretty chill.

Listen to it here on Spotify.


"Fata Morgana" by The Pale Ones
Hilmy's just dropped The Pale One's new single, "Fata Morgana". You'll need to catch your breath after listening to it. 
Listen to it here on Bandcamp.