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Go, Go, Go.

We've been playing together for two years, but none of us imagined that we would have taken things seriously enough to document it. But lo and behold, we did - and it was a night to remember. The four of us met at Merdekarya, and it was there that we decided to launch "The Propositions Are Go!". There's nothing more self-serving that holding a party for yourself, so we're very fortunate that we had Azmyl Yunor and Skies Are Red on board to make us look just a bit more humble.

Azmyl, a Malaysian indie music legend, doubled as both a host and a performer - something that we were over the moon about. When he said yes, we were happier than pigs in mud blankets. He brought his unique take on Malaysiana to the fore, and became the Narrator (more commonly known as the Voice of God) for the night.

Skies Red Red played a heavy half-hour set, and we're happy to tease that Ian will be doing a little something with them in the near future. On a totally related note, take a look at the 'Take Them Down' video, the band's second single which Ian had a hand in shooting.

When it came to us, we kicked off everything with a totally Malaysian ribbon cutting ceremony, complete with the obligatory bureaucratic backdrop, and a visiting dignitary to grace and officiate the event. It's all in the name of comedy value, man.

We were pumped. We'd prepared 14 songs - and two poems from our good friend, Arisha Akhir - and ploughed through them with the focus of a bull ready to thrust his torpedo into a field of cows. (We call this a field of dreams.)

It was a good, good night, and something that we'll be able to keep with us for the rest of our lives. Thank you to everyone who came out and supported us.

The work behind the scenes is worth it, if only because we get to put ourselves out there and have you see it for what it is.

"The Propositions Are Go" is on sale now. Find us on Instagram to see where you can purchase it, or grab the Digital Edition from Apple Music at a special price.

(All photos were taken by Wong Yok Teng.)

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