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'You Are The Light'

Ever wondered about why love in the modern age is the way it is? Dating and romance have moved aside for convenience and swipes. Everything seems more transactional, bordering on endo kosai - but not quite. In today's world, time is the commodity - and it's traded around like gangbusters.

But call us nostalgists. There's nothing more satisfying than knowing that you failed to get what you wanted when you mustered the courage to actually approach someone. That's sorely lacking from today's wide world of dating...that extra ounce of the human touch.

In many respects, 'You Are The Light' is an anti-ballad, written about finding love in your early 30s when everything is less rose-tinted. You're jaded and matured to the point of peak cynicism. And then you meet someone special, and everything suddenly becomes an IKEA catalogue, and it all fits.

The song itself is a story, where the self-anointed hero careens through a deliberate, messy hookup, navigates through finding commitment and then kowtowing to making lifestyle changes for the better.


As our first single, and for the time being, our only video of repute, 'You Are The Light' holds a special place in our hearts.

And as a treat, have a listen to it when it was still in its infancy here.

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