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The 5 March Merdekarya Roundup!

We don't complain; we only get on with it.

Amidst the fear of COVID-19 hitting our immediate world, we found ourselves in a new position - mentally and physically prepared for a long night at Merdekarya, but suffering from a literal lack of a voice. Ian's only redeeming feature was close to gone after suffering from a cough, and it showed in how low the high notes sounded.

You can have a look at "What You Take" (it's kind of new, by the way) and hear it for yourself:

Assessment: ballsy. Admit it.

Look, it's Pragmatism 101: you either throw in the towel, or just get the job done with what you have. And what we have, true believers, is the determination to sweat it out and have a good time, no matter how ominous it seems. There were other guys who picked up the slack that night as well.

This isn't some sort of dadthought - this is just practicality at its core. Pull your pants up, get your shit together and execute. Here's a pastiche of photos from the night, taken by none other than our raging vegan's equally vegan missus:

Ian Tai, sad that he couldn't quite nail it.

Hilmy Amim, being all cool.

Dervin Frank, fully focused.

Timothy Chua, right on time.

We've got a lot more footage to share with you from that night (warts and all), so make sure you check in from time to time, mofo.

As always, thank you to Merdekarya for having us! We're definitely looking forward to playing there again with clearer throats. We played 16 (well, technically 16 ½) songs non-stop, topping out almost 90 minutes, with 93% of them being original. Achievement unlocked.


1. What You Take

2. Losing On Yancy Street

3. You Are The Light

4. Aubrey Plaza

5. The Malaysian Mushroom / Harimau Betina

6. Char Siew Pau

7. My Baby

8. This Boy

9. Candygirl

10. Smoke And Mirrors

11. Out Of Time

12. Voices

13. Fixie 4 2

14. Bebas

15. Love You More

16. Wake Up (by Arcade Fire)

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