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The Tribal Synthesis III Roundup!

We didn't know what to expect at The Tribal Synthesis III, but the great team at The Catalyst Project took good care of everyone. Much weight was pulled, and we took a dive into the wares on show. [We also bought BBQ-flavoured crickets for consumption. Pure protein, baby.] The funniest takeaway: the Holy Spirit might not be our Biggest Fan™, as the bass amp kept on timing out as we played "Love You More". [Are we right? Have a listen to the song and be the judge.] We persevered as the burly men we are, sweaty and satisfied as ever.

* Bonus useless tidbit: we also debuted a dancier cutdown of "My Baby".

Thanks to The Catalyst Project and Open Mic Malaysia for bringing us in! And also, check out Me.reka in Publika - it's a pretty spiffy space for mini-festivals with attitude.


1. Losing On Yancy Street

2. My Baby

3. Out Of Time

4. Voices

5. Love You More

6. Bebas

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