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You Are The Light In The Age Of Corona!

Christ, we don't know about how things are like where you are - but over here in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, as this is being written, we're closing out Day 5 of the Restricted Movement Order. Civilians are [for their own good] dissuaded from leaving their homes, in an attempt to mitigate the COVID-19 situation as effectively as possible.

Most of us have been stuck at home, and cabin fever is sinking in. Others are just plainly violating the rules, and enjoying their time in the sun [the sneaky bastards].

Either way, we hope that life is alright where you are.

To take your mind off things, we've uploaded our second-last performance of "You Are The Light" from our 5 March show at Merdekarya. We don't know if it'd really help, especially since everyone i) has more pressing things to worry about, like LIVING, and

ii) is hellbent on overloading the Internet with brilliant literal homemade content to devour, but if you do watch it, thank you for keeping us in your hearts.

Keep us in your thoughts - as we definitely have you in our thoughts, true believers.

Be safe.

From Ian and the boyz.

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